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#TheRayChallenge: How The Cure To My Writer’s Block Can Help Improve Your Life

Sometimes we want to do something or have an idea that is just hanging over our head, but we don’t have enough motivation to get started; sometimes we need that extra push to take the first step.

If there is such a thing that comes to your mind, then why not take this opportunity and use me as your motivating buddy who is telling you come on, let’s do it! We can try and improve our life, just a teeny tiny little bit each day.

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#TheRayChallenge: Stopped Eating For 3 Days & This Is How It Affected My Body (Smoothie Detox)

Have you ever felt like you’ve been eating your feelings a little too much & just need to slow down for a second? Or you’ve been gradually ruining your otherwise healthy eating habits? Or perhaps you’re tired of eating unhealthy and need to make some diet changes? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then a smoothie detox could be a good idea to try out. #TheRayChallenge: Stopped Eating For 3 Days & This Is How It Affected My Body (Smoothie Detox) Why I took on this challenge I have a somewhat healthy eating lifestyle that consists mainly …

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Incredible Scientific Benefits To Yoga That Will Make You Start Practicing Today (Plus Insights From Two Professional Yogis)

What do you think when you hear the word ‘yoga’? I never thought that there were scientifically proven benefits of yoga. Before I started practicing regularly, I just thought yoga was a way to be bored out of one’s mind. Guess what? I was wrong. Yoga is a word that has so much misinterpretation that I decided a blog post was in order! Flash back to 3 years ago. I have a friend who is a dedicated yogi. She’s been practicing for 15 years and is 200-hour YTT (yoga teacher training) certified instructor. As you guessed, it’s 200 hours of …

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Improve Your Mental Health
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How To Use The Law Of Attraction And Manifestation To Improve Your Mental Health

Did you know that the law of attraction can be used to help your anxiety and eliminate negative thoughts? Have you ever wondered if there was scientific evidence behind the law of attraction?
Read this guest post, by Sophie, to learn more about the law of attraction and how it can be used to improve your mental health.