Improving our life and that of those around us, one small step at a time

Changing your life to the better will not only affect you, but the people around you too. This is how societies change; people influencing each other’s behaviour. It can start with just one person. This person can be you.

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What is TRJ Lifestyle?

I started blogging in December 2018, creating The Ray Journey (TRJ) blog, as a way to document my journey towards financial freedom. Along the way, I have also wanted to share my progress and my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

I have been trying to turn my life around in all aspects since 2018. So not only was I interested in a better financial future for myself, but also a healthier and fulfilling existence.

I started #TheRayChallenge newsletter as a way to share this progress briefly, with those who sign up to join the challenges I take on every month. But I’ve always had this idea that I wanted to share more, research more, and learn more about all the other different ways we can change our lifestyle and our habits to create a better life for ourselves and those around us.

#TheRayChallenge’s tagline is Small Steps, BIG Changes, and I decided that this will be the tagline for TRJ Lifestyle too, because this has been the slogan of my life for the past two years.

Small steps do indeed lead to big changes; you won’t notice the changes right away, but when you look back, say a year or two later, you will realize how this little effort you’ve been making each day has greatly impacted the way you live now a year or so later.

In TRJ Lifestyle, you will find articles on nutrition, fitness, and mental & physical health. We will also delve into the ways we can live more consciously and how we can adapt to a lifestyle that is environment-friendly; so there will be articles on minimalism and sustainability as well.

I hope that on this journey towards a better lifestyle, I would perhaps encourage someone else to do the same and get to meet others who are on the same path as myself.

So, thank you in advance for joining me on this journey, whoever you are!

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